Monday, March 12, 2018

A contrast

By our standards, it warmed up today, nearly 48 degrees, f.

A few days ago I got two bunches of alstroemeria, (sp), I like for their long persistence in a vase.Here. Where the windowpane around them can have an inch of ice on the inside in a minus 10 degree night. 

The temperature is gradually warming: highs in the mid 40's, the coming week, lows only around 10. Springtime in the Rockies. 

Hope you are all well. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

It's all better now.....

The high temps for the next week are in the low 40's.....Spring has sprung. Granted, a couple days the low will be in the single digits, but wtf, it's Montana. Taken today, after a wet snowfall last night:

A neighbor shoveled the new 4" of wet. I kept my nitro handy, he is in his 40's afterall....

The iron fence is almost 3.5 ft. ........

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Perhaps March is Spring for you......

Taken today, the 7th of March

For reference, the iron post fence is just over 3 feet high.  It got positively warm today, up to 29f.

Friday, March 2, 2018

What next?

Fiona, aka The Adorable One has started a new endeavor. You might remember she was born with a giant omphalocele, portions of her liver and organs were outside her body, and statistically had a 50% chance of survival.  She's thrived, and you'd never know she has any issues at all.  One thing these kids do lack is a good muscle structure over her abdomen, where her liver and organs lie.

So, naturally, she's decided she wants to be a wrestler.  She's in a class at school.

Grandpa won't worry,  grandpa won't worry, grandpa won't worry..............

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018

So I remember

Music sounds in the distance, but silent night is here
The flowers waft slumber scent at me
I have always, always thought of you
I would sleep, but you must dance

It does not stop, it whirls without pause
The candles burn and the fiddles scream
the rows part and close
And all are flushed, but you are pale

And you must dance, strange arms twine
Around your heart, oh suffer no violence!
I see your white dress fly by
And your light, delicate form

And the night scent wells more sweetly
And more dreamily from the calyx of the flowers
I have always, always thought of you
I would like to sleep, but you must dance

Theodor Storm  Ich möchte schlafenaber du mußt tanzen.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

An analysis of sorts, in a dramatic play format

Using Freytag's methodology, let's look at the events of the past week in FL, and the aftermath.

Act 1
A 19 year old enters a High School and systematically shoots many students and staff/adults, killing 17.  He is arrested, a rarity anymore.

Act 2
Students and parents react swiftly, condemning the shooting, the ability of a teenager with documented  mental health issues to obtain a assault rifle and large magazines. The governmental reaction is to condemn the FBI for not acting on information they had been given. After a day's silence on the issue, the president goes down to FL and stops briefly in the town on his weekly trip to his resort. He poses at bedside of a wounded, large grin and a 'thumbs up sign.

Act 3
The students and some parents reaction to the event escalates, again not typical in these events. The students and their student spokesperson are quite vehement in their condemnation of the availability of assault rifles, and the NRA. Again, the condemnation of the NRA, and "any politician who takes money from them" is not typical.  The NRA and gun manufacturers stifle a yawn and examine their fingernails, knowing that they are going to have a big jump in profits in sales of the gun used in the killings.

Act 4
As the response of the students spreads far beyond the town, some politicians and the president seem to be feeling the pressure, and see their non-response is not being well received. Tentatively, their reactions make timid suggestions that gun regulations such as background checks be tightened, and the president even suggests that bump stocks might need to be banned. His press secretary attempts to walk it back slightly.  Again, the NRA and gun manufacturers yawn and close their eyes, imagining the next vacation to the Bahamas.

Act 5
(some happening, some yet to happen) Various conservative groups find ways to discredit the students, claiming they are actors, democratic party plants and the like. The state legislature of FL brings up a bill increasing the rigor of back ground checks. Quietly it is defeated. 3 days after the killings. In Washington DC the democrats bring up similar bills, including the bump stock ban. Quietly, they are defeated. The president picks some adults (not students) from the town, not parents of the students, and hand-picked people from other areas that had similar shootings to meet at the WH. He poses, grinning, maybe thumbs-up, for a post meeting picture. He says they had a "good meeting, very good, very good." The NRA and gun manufactures smile and nod, and lean back in their leather chairs in satisfaction of a good week.

This doesn't follow Freytag's analysis method exactly, it was just the closest I am familiar with.